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Healthtalkonline audio visual material to support the Institute of Medical Ethics Revised Core Content of Learning for Medical Ethics and Law
This is a collection of patient interview video clips to support ethics and professionalism teaching. All the clips are freely available on the site. Healthtalkonline is an extraordinary collection of over 2,000 video recorded narrative interviews with patients and families about their experiences of health, illness, dying, caring and bereavement. On the website you can watch, listen to and read transcripts of people telling how they live with more than sixty different conditions: from decisions around pre-natal screening and termination of pregnancy to compulsory detention under the Mental Health Act and treatment for chronic, life-threatening or terminal illnesses. The interviews have been conducted and analysed by experts in qualitative research. They are arranged on the site according to the patients' conditions, with brief video clips each about 2-3 minutes long. Because we believe these video clips are a remarkable resource for teaching, Rachel Warren has spent the summer mapping them to the Institute of Medical Ethics Revised Core Content of Learning for Medical Ethics and Law. The document attached to this email contains embedded links to more than 150 different video extracts available on healthtalkonline. All of them may be used for learning or teaching wherever there is access to the internet. For ethical and legal reasons clips cannot be downloaded from the site. We know that internet access in lecture and seminar rooms can sometimes be an issue, so the charity has agreed to supply up to five video clips on DVD free, for educational purposes. If you needed more than five clips, there would be a charge depending upon the number of clips required and the proposed use. (1) If you would like clips on DVD, please email me at with the number of the clip, as it appears on the attached table. It might be prudent to add the strapline to be doubly sure you get the ones you want. (2) We would love to hear how you are using the clips, and would be interested in collaborating in research around their use. Please email us at Please see the following resource for guidance on how the clips can be used in teaching.


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