Other groups

Working Group on Assessment of Medical Ethics and Law

Following the production of the Revised Core Content of Learning, the IME Education Working Group set up a sub-group to consider best practice in the assessment of Medical Ethics and Law.

The remit of the Group is to ask:

  • What are the aims of assessing ethics and law?
  • What assessment tools for ethics and law are currently used in undergraduate medical education in the UK (and abroad)?
  • What assessment tools may best fit the Revised Core Content of Learning?
  • What role, if any, should the IME adopt in further developing a resource of assessment tools?

Members of the committee are:

A provisional report has been produced and it is hoped that the definitive report will be ready in the not too distant future.

Grants and Awards Committee

This committee was set up by the Governing Body of the IME to review and make decisions on all applications it receives for grants and awards. These include elective and internship bursaries, intercalated scholarships, institutional grants and the essay competition for foundation year doctors.

Members of the committee are:

Current Membership Committee

This committee is currently overseeing the transition of the IME into a membership organisation. 

Members of the committee are: