Central regional group

The Central regional group of ethics and law leads is made up of representatives from the following medical schools:

  • Birmingham
  • Cambridge
  • East Anglia
  • Keele
  • Leicester
  • Warwick

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About the group's work

To contact the regional group please email: contact@instituteofmedicalethics.org

About the group members

Birmingham - Dr Jonathan Ives

Jonathan Ives is Lecturer in Behavioural Science in the School of Health and Population Sciences.

Jon publishes predominantly in the field of biomedical ethics, focussing on fatherhood and families, methods in empirical bioethics, and to a lesser extent on research ethics, public health ethics and ethics in medical education. He has published in other areas as a methodologist. He has held grants from the Wellcome Trust and the Economic and Social Research Council.

Jon is currently co-convener and chair of an academic network on Interdisciplinary and Empirical Ethics running jointly with King’s College London.

Jonathan teaches on a number of programmes, covering topics in Biomedical Ethics, Medical Sociology and Research Methods. He is programme director for the BMedSc (PoSH) in Healthcare Ethics and Law, Module coordinator for the MBChB module ‘Doctors, Patients and Society’, and deputy module coordinator for the MPH module ‘Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods’.

View Jonathan's full profile - on the University of Birmingham website

Contact Jonathan: j.c.ives@bham.ac.uk


Cambridge - Dr Elizabeth Fistein

Elizabeth qualified from Imperial College London in 1996. She chose to specialise in General Adult Psychiatry and trained in Manchester and Cambridge, taking periods out of training to complete a Post-graduate Diploma (conversion course) with the College of Law and MA in Medical Ethics and Law at King’s College London. She holds a Wellcome PhD Studentship and is working on an empirical ethics project investigating ethical, legal and clinical issues in involuntary psychiatric treatment. Her clinical interest is in severe and enduring mental illness. Since 2008, Elizabeth has been running the Ethics and Law component of the Clinical Course, one of the vertical themes that integrate the three stages of the course.

View Elizabeth's full profile here - on the University of Cambridge's website

Contact Elizabeth: ecf22@medschl.cam.ac.uk


East Anglia - Dr Anna Smajdor

Anna is a lecturer and researcher in biomedical ethics. Her research interests are focussed on the ethical implications of innovation and research in all areas of the biosciences, including: new reproductive technologies; research ethics and governance; justice and resource allocation. Her doctoral research, funded by the Wellcome Trust, was on the ethics of using artificial gametes in reproduction.

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Contact Anna: A.Smajdor@uea.ac.uk


Keele -Dr Jonathan Hughes 

View Jonathan's profile here - on the Keele University website


Leicester - Dr Rhona Knight

Rhona Knight is a portfolio GP based in Leicester. She is a senior clinical educator at Leicester University, and is the clinical lead in the Royal College of General Practitioners' Health for Healthcare Professionals pilot programme. As a GP she has been involved in teaching practical medical ethics for many years, including the ethics of communication and of the consultation, which are intrinsic to the daily work of medical professionals. She has an interest in making medical ethics accessible to non-specialist audiences. She is a member of the RCGP ethics committee, and is a member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, where she also chairs the Reaching out to Young People group, which aims to engage young people in bioethics both within and out of the curriculum.

Contact Rhona: rk89@le.ac.uk


Warwick - Dr Anne-Marie Slowther

Anne Slowther is Associate Professor of Clinical Ethics at Medical School and an Associate Fellow of the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford. At Warwick she leads the teaching of medical ethics and law in the MBChB and Masters programmes. Her research interests include evaluation of clinical ethics services, ethical decision making in primary care, and consent to research in vulnerable populations. Anne qualified from Manchester University and completed a Masters in Medical Ethics and Law at King's College London and a DPhil in medical ethics at the University of Oxford. She is Chair of the Board of Trustees of the UK Clinical Ethics Network and also a practicing GP in Coventry.

View Anne-Marie's full profile - on the University of Warwick website

Contact Anne-Marie: A-M.Slowther@warwick.ac.uk