Past events

Progress Educational Trust Public Debate: Fertility Treatment Add-ons: Do they add up?

You are invited to attend the Progress Educational Trust's free public debate 'Fertility Treatment Add-ons: Do They Add Up?' taking place in central London on the evening of Wednesday 29 March.

This event, which is sponsored by the British Fertility Society, will begin with a wine reception at 6pm followed by a panel discussion at 6.30pm.

The panel discussion will be chaired by FIONA FOX (Chair of Trustees at the Progress Educational Trust and Chief Executive of the Science Media Centre) with speakers PROFESSOR ADAM BALEN (Chair of the British Fertility Society), SALLY CHESHIRE (Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), DR SIMON FISHEL (Founder and President of CARE Fertility) and DR RAJ MATHUR (Lead for Reproductive Medicine at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester).

Fertility treatment 'add-ons' are procedures and treatments offered alongside IVF - sometimes at considerable expense to the patient - which may not be supported by robust evidence. The benefits, harms and appropriateness of add-ons are often open to question, and the role of add-ons in fertility treatment has become a matter of heated debate among professionals and a source of confusion for patients.

Recently, add-ons have been discussed and debated in a controversial episode of the BBC1 programme Panorama entitled Inside Britain's Fertility Business, in two studies published by in the British Medical Journal, in a study published by the journal Human Reproduction, and in work undertaken by the UK's fertility regulator - the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA). Our event will ask:

What counts as an add-on?

Who is best placed to judge the evidence for add-ons, and what is the ideal standard of evidence?

How much evidence is it reasonable to expect, before a treatment is offered to patients?

What is the role of the HFEA, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and professional bodies such as the British Fertility Society, in helping patients navigate add-ons?

What is the duty of the medical professional, and what is the role of patient choice? Much of the event's running time will be devoted to letting YOU put questions and comments to the speakers. Click here for more details.

Attendance is free, but advance booking is required. To reserve your place, please RSVP by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it