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International Bioethics Summer Program: ?Global Bioethics, Human Rights & Public Policy

International Bioethics Summer Program: ?Global Bioethics, Human Rights & Public Policy




New York City, 19-30 June 2017

Global Bioethics Initiative�(GBI), co-sponsored by�Pace University, College of Health Professions�invite students and professionals worldwide to attend the International Bioethics Summer School in Manhattan, New York City. �Join us for this one-of-a-kind educational opportunity.

The International Bioethics Summer School Program includes a series of lectures and seminars, field trips, film screenings, and evening events with guest speakers.

The faculty of the summer school�program�is comprised of notable international scholars who will lecture and conduct seminars on various bioethical topics.

All participants will present their final papers (written under a faculty member�s�supervision) at a conference forum during the final week of the program.

In order to make the summer school program truly global, GBI is offering several partial scholarships to students. To apply for a partial scholarship, please include a 300-500 word statement�with the rest of your application materials describing how you would benefit from it. Scholarship winners will be notified two days after applying.�Some participants�may wish to seek financial assistance or scholarships from their home educational institutions or outside sources to cover expenses.� Click here to apply

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