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Places available for UK's first Bioethics Diploma

Places available for UK's first Bioethics Diploma The oldest course in philosophy and ethics of medicine and healthcare has (since 1978) been run annually by one of the old city livery companies of London, The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries. The course starts on 10th September and runs roughly every 3rd Saturday. Lectures take place at Apothecaries Hall and at The Wellcome Collection. Those who complete the course may enter the examination of Diploma in Philosophy of Medicine of the Society of Apothecaries (DPMSA).

The course is taught by combination of well-known figures and rising stars in bioethics, such as Raanan Gillon, Bill Fullord, Carwyn Hooper and Jon Ives, and our regular faculty (the two are not mutually exclusive). The course covers the main schools of western ethics, key issues in healthcare and includes sessions on the philosophy of health, personhood, professionalism and narrative ethics. The course is attended by a broad range of participants, including medical students, healthcare professionals at any stage of their career and non healthcare professionals who have demonstrate an academic interest in the subject.

Please note that whilst registrations are taken up to the beginning of the course, there is usually a waiting list by that point. The society of Apothecaries also offers a faculty of History and Philosophy, which run a series of open eponymous lectures, an a Fellowship (mentoring) scheme.

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