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International Journal of Ethics Education

Starting in 2016, a new journal will be published that explicitly will focus on the teaching in ethics in various disciplines and practices.

The International Journal of Ethics Education provides a global platform for exchange of research data, theories, experiences, reports and opinions on ethics education in a broad range of areas of applied ethics. Besides the exchange of experiences with ethics education, the journal also addresses general issues with regard to ethics education, such as policy, implementation, international trends, and philosophy of education. Providing a scholarly mechanism for exchange of experiences the journal aims to contribute to enhancing the quality of ethics education around the world.

The scope of the journal is broad. It presents a platform for exchange of theoretical and practical experiences with teaching ethics in various educational settings. It covers education in the major areas of applied ethics such as bioethics, business ethics, engineering ethics, environmental ethics, law and ethics, medical ethics, nursing ethics, science ethics, social sciences and ethics. The journal is interested in contributions on teaching programs in both developed and developing countries, with detailed information concerning the content of teaching programs, the objectives of the programs, the teaching methods and approaches to evaluate the impact of ethics education. The journal also provides a forum for interdisciplinary studies from diverse cultural and religious context. Exchanging educational experiences in one area of applied ethics can encourage ethics education in another area of ethics.

The Editorial Board of the Journal includes Drs Berna Arda (Turkey), Azizan Baharuddin (Malaysia), Christian Byk (France), Leonardo de Castro (Singapore), Helen Chan (Hong Kong), Roland Chia (Singapore), Bahaa Darwish (Egypt), Dafna Feinholz (UNESCO), Volnei Garrafa (Brazil), Bert Gordijn (Ireland), Nuno Guimaraes da Costa (France), Amy Haddad (USA), Johan Hattingh (South Africa), Lisa Lopez Levers (USA), Natan Monsores (Brazil), Paul Ndebele (Zimbabwe), Renzo Pegoraro (Italy), Jose Roque Junges (Brazil), Grace Sirju-Charran (Trinidad), Jan Helge Solbakk (Norway), Vina Vaswani (India), Hongqi Wang (China), James Weber (USA), Alice Woolley (Canada). The Editor-in-Chief is Henk ten Have (USA/the Netherlands).

Submissions can be made electronically here.