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Intercalated BA in Biomedical Ethics: Leeds

The BA in Biomedical Ethics provides an opportunity for students of medicine or associated disciplines to spend a year studying biomedical ethics in greater detail than is permitted by their undergraduate curriculum. It is taught alongside the MA in Healthcare Ethics and so provides an opportunity for students to work with experienced colleagues in a range of health care professions who are tackling ethical issues on a day to day basis.

The BA in Biomedical Ethics offers a rigorous grounding in biomedical ethics, provided by tutors from the IDEA CETL with expertise in teaching ethics in medical disciplines. Students learn about the ethical issues that arise across all areas of health care practice through a series of modules, and are assessed by a mixture of written assignments and some group presentation work. Find out more about the structure and format of the course.

The BA is open to students from any UK institution which allows an intercalated year as part of a programme of undergraduate study. More than 100 students from a range of universities have taken the BA since it began in 2000. Academic achievement has been very high, with an exceptional number of firsts and 2.1s.

Most students intercalate between their 3rd and 4th years. However, with Curriculum 2012, year 3 has become the start of clinical training, with five clinical roatations in each of years 3 and 4. Some students may prefer to intercalate at the end of year 2, before they start their clinical work, either to avoid taking a year’s break during the clinical phase or to provide greater understanding of ethics before starting clincial work, when they can apply their understanding. This is a matter of personal preference.

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