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MA/LLM Bioethics and Medical Law: Lancaster

The MA in Bioethics and Medical Law is administered by the Law School but co-taught between PPR and Law.

This Masters programme is constructed to permit students to graduate with either an MA or an LLM. Students have the option to write either a law based essay or one based on philosophy/ethics for each optional module and similarly for the dissertation. The final award will be determined depending on whether the majority of the marks are for law or philosophy.

Overall the programme is designed for those with an interest in issues to do with bioethics and medical law, including intercalating medical students and others with a first degree or relevant professional qualification and work experience. It introduces them to the fundamental analytic skills of moral philosophy and law, the principal ethical and legal issues arising within medical research and practice, and an appreciation of the major approaches - ethical and legal - to the resolution of the relevant problems.

These problems include:

the regulation of artificial reproduction
life and death decision-making particularly in respect of seriously ill neonates and terminally ill patients
the obtaining of informed consent to medical procedures and to clinical research
the appropriate use of genetic testing
the fair distribution of health care resources

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